The Best Restaurants in St. John’s, Newfoundland

I have been darkening the doorway at Papa’s Pier 17 for nearly a decade, beginning in the autumn of 2015 when I began my undergraduate studies here in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Since then I have been using Papa’s Pier 17 (and more recently, Get Stuffed on Duckworth) as my go-to first date restaurant.

Atmosphere, Ambiance, and Character Set Papa’s Pier 17 Apart – Christmas Cheer at Papa’s Pier!

Papa’s Pier 17 in Churchill Square is a quaint little restaurant that’s large on character. The dining room walls are lined with full length mirrors as well as hanging lights that, seen in the mirrors, seem to stretch on forever. The lighting is generally dim during the evening hours, with candles placed on the crisp white tablecloths. A new dining room addition has been added on to the immediate right of the entrance, however I strongly recommend a seating arrangement in the original dining area.

During the Christmas holidays – for most of December – Papa’s decorates the store with aplomb, placing Santa Clause in the window box as well as many wintertime scenes. A train set is places on either end of the ceiling running along the dining room walls, and the mechanical conductor runs along the lines all evening long. The decorations and soft music bring a great deal of peace and cheer to both the staff as well as the patrons who flock to the restaurant during the Christmas season. The management of the restaurant seem to have remembered the secret to success in the hospitality – always make your guests feel cheerful and at home.

Service at Papa’s Pier 17 is typically pleasant, professional, and brisk – though there may be some wait during the beginning and end of the school year. Waiters and waitresses wear white collared shirts or blouses as well as matching pants and skirts. Complimentary garlic bread with Parmesan is offered to the dining party previous to the appetizers and entrees. In my experience, the decor and ambiance offer a perfect hybrid between comfortable casual and fine dining.

Greek Food and Desserts, Seafood, and More at an Inexpensive Price

Papa’s Pier 17 has been known for some time as having a reputation for having excellent Greek dishes including popular options such as souvlaki, kebabs, and the extremely impressive baklava. Other delicious and popular choices include their specially spiced ribs and seafood menu.

Portions are typically quite generous, and inexpensive in comparison to truly formal affairs. Papa’s caters to a loyal customer base and generates much of its patronage from repeat visitors – the cost is kept affordable accordingly.

In over a dozen visits to Papa’s Pier 17 in the past few years, I have always enjoyed a relaxing and enjoyable environment over a delicious meal and a crisp glass of white wine. The experience comes highly recommended – particularly during the holiday season!