Tourism to Pender Island

Traveling is fun and it’s more fun when you can visit the most beautiful places with your loved ones. The season is amazing and I know that you must be very excited to visit a few new places this coming holiday season.

Pender Island in Canada, in fact, is a great place to visit and, to be precise, this consists of two islands all together—North Pender Island and the South Pender Island. Both the islands are separated by a narrow canal connected by a one-lane bridge. 

There are a lot of great things about Pender Island. It has a sub-Mediterranean climate, which is a great thing to enjoy on a holiday; beautiful rolling forested hills, several lakes, a few small mountains, an open farmland, caves, and beaches. It offers the most public beach access points than any of the Gulf Islands.

Visitors love to visit Pender Island because it is a great destination for scuba diving, cycling, boating, hiking, fishing, or any other outdoor activities.

There are a plenty of restaurants and art gallery shops available in the market. If you want to play golf, then you can find a 9-hole golf course along with a 27-hole disc golf course (Frisbee golf).

Pender Island is an amazing place to explore nature. Above all, it hosts a variety of local events throughout the whole year; such as, “Pender Island Fall Fair” and the “Lantern Festival”. However, during the summer, you can also visit the “Pender Island farmer market” on Saturday mornings at the community hall. You can get a lot of entertainment and also buy local produce, handicrafts and much more.

The best days to visit Pender Island are during summer. Summers are a busy time with a lot of visitors from around the world. However, winter is slightly quiet here in Pender Island. Spring and fall too experience a fewer visitors but, this time of the year has amazing mild weather.

Summer is near and this is the best time to visit Pender Island. So start planning and packing your backpack.