What Does Kawaii Squishies Mean?


Kawaii squishies are a squishy variant that has also been growing in popularity to fans and collectors of these type of toys. This type of squishy has become a very much sought making them quite a common staple in squishy lineups. The word kawaii however, did not come out randomly as it has a meaning behind the term. Let us look at what the term “kawaii” in kawaii squishies mean and what makes them different to other squishies.

Kawaii is a Japanese word that is used to describe something that is cute or adorable. If you are fond of watching anime, then you may already be familiar with the term as it is used on a regular basis in these shows. Kawaii is indeed quite a fitting term to use with squishies as they capture and encapsulate what these types of toys are in just one single word. There is no denying that cuteness which is one of its main selling factor and having the word kawaii attached to squishies makes it even more endearing.


Kawaii squishies are relatively small in nature and this is what their manufacturers tend to focus on. This is the reason why you will seldom see these types of squishies to be bigger than the palm of your hands. Being small also provides a huge amount of benefits to fans. For instance, because kawaii squishies are smaller than your average squishy, people will be able to add plenty of these items to their collection. This in turn can make their collection more unique and varied. Kawaii squishies can be bought individually or by set which gives fans the option to buy them. Another great advantage of kawaii squishies is that fans will be able to carry around a number of these toys wherever they go.

Kawaii squishies are a joy to collect, take a look at wshcollection.com. It is good to hear that because of their huge popularity these type of squishies have become quite accessible to fans. A number of kawaii squishies can be purchased over the internet with many stores setting and integrating their services over the internet. As a result, fans from all over the world will be able to buy kawaii squishies at any given time and have them delivered straight through their doorsteps offering a huge amount of convenience as a result. Make sure to get your very own kawaii squishies today!