How to cope with the Grief of your lost pet

Pet isn’t just an animal for all people. As time passes by, we create an intimate bond and it becomes a family member. Be it a dog or cat or any other pet animal, it gives meaning to our life in different ways. Hence losing it can create an emotional havoc depending upon the person. It is hard but life has to go on. Here are a few tips which can help you to cope up with it.

  1. Express your emotions – Don’t be afraid to express your emotions. If you want to cry, it’s OK. That’s a normal reaction when we feel grief. It doesn’t matter whether it was about a person or an animal but when emotions are genuine, trying to bury it will only cause problems later on. Don’t let others dictate how you should feel. You know yourself better than anyone. And since you had deep ties with your animal, only you’ll understand the bond.
  2. Accept the death – Most of us have hard time when we lose something precious to us. Death is an aspect of life which, though it puts us through a grief, is unavoidable. Hence the sooner the acceptance of the death, sooner you’ll be able to cope up and begin your normal life routine. It indeed is hard when you lose your pet with which, everyday you spent time with, played with…. But if you won’t accept, then you can’t move forward and will be stuck in the grief stage for a longer period.
  3. Creating a memorial helps in accepting death – If you’ll hold a memorial, then it gives you the opportunity to express your emotions. For kids, it is especially important as; death of a pet is perhaps, the first experience for them of death that surrounds us. Involve the kids in memorial, burying the pet so that, they can be part of the process and feels bonded. You can visit Loving Companion Memorials to purchase a headstone for your dear pet.
  4. Give more attention to other pets (if any) – One other way to cope is, divert your attention to other pets if you have any. It creates a positive vibe even amidst gloomy circumstances. More often than not, while in grief of one of the pet, we tend to get detached from others and hence unconsciously start to neglect them. By attending more to them, we can change the center of our attention which will benefit in, giving more care to rest of the pets including making it easier to cope up with the grief.
  5. Find a support group – Support groups are constituted by people who face similar experiences and try to share so that coping mechanism gets easier with each and every giving support to each other. By this, you’ll be able to express your grief to a more suitable audience who are in similar boat as you who have lost their dear pets and hence, can understand your feelings better than anyone. Be it online or meeting up people personally, these support groups can help you a lot since you’ll be able to learn experiences from others.
  6. Seek professional help if needed: even after this, if you feel you are still at trouble after months trying to cope with it, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.


Customized Photo Pillows

Customized Photo Pillows

People who choose to customize their pillows often decide to go for photos during their creation. A 
picture is worth a thousand words as the popular saying goes and as such, adding photo will 
definitely go a long way in helping you breathe new life to your pillows. You will not be finding 
any shortage of photos to add with them being made readily available in the present. With that 
being said, there are a few things that you may want to consider when choosing to add photo 
with your customizable zonkd pillows. 

Be Mindful of the Size

People can add a variety of photo to their pillows with several stores integrating their services 
over the internet. This in turn allows just about anyone to design customized pillow at the 
comfort of their homes. With that being said, it is important for customers to be mindful of the 
size of the photo that they want to add with the pillow. You don’t want the picture to be a bit 
small making them harder to discern. As such, it is important that you strive a good measure of 
balance between them. If you feel like your photo does not fit the pillow that you are 
customizing, try resizing the picture or perhaps looking for a much bigger pillow size for you to 

Copyright Issues

As mentioned earlier, you can add a huge number of photos to your customizable pillows which 
makes the creation process a fun activity. Having said that, you may want to refrain from using 
copyrighted images for your pillows to avoid having legal problems in the future. In some 
countries, it is ok to use copyrighted images as long as they are for personal or nonprofit use and 
you don’t have any plans on selling them. However, if you are unsure, you can ask store owners 
if they accept copyrighted images to use for their pillow design. 
Without copyrighted images what is there to add with your customizable pillows? Will my 
designs be limited? Well to answer that question, most customers decide to use their very own 
pictures in designing their customized pillows. It can come from your own personal trips or 
experience. This in turn makes each and every one of these pillows feel more special and unique 
from the rest which what most of the customers are aiming for. Start looking for photos to add to 
your customized pillows today!