Comparing Furry Fandom and Cosplay


The furry fandom is often associated with the cosplay community because of their extravagant costumes that easily stands out from the rest of the crowd. This turn makes furries a common staple in several conventions in the present. This is the reason why the furry fandom is often compared to the cosplay community. Let us look at furries and cosplay to help better understand the two terms.


The Similarities

Cosplay or is commonly known as costume play is a very popular practice. A huge number of individuals wear costumes, like loveplugs, as well as fashion accessories to represent a specific character that they are portraying. Cosplay is often done as a hobby while others do them as a full time profession or career by joining several competitions. Costumes have become more and more detailed over the years with the skills cosplayers steadily improving. The simple costumes back then are now more colorful and this is the reason it is slowly being compared to the costumes worn by furries. Also known as fursuits, this costume envelops the entire body of the person wearing and is known for their bright and vibrant colors.


The Differences

Although there are a lot of similarities with the furry fandom and cosplay, there are also huge differences with these two terms. For instance, people who cosplay often take the identities of a specific character and copying their likeness in terms of appearance and personality. Furries however, often have original characters they are portraying. Also called as fursona or their furry personality, this character is completely original and made up by the fan itself. This in turn makes each and every furry costume you see in conventions look fairly unique and different from the rest of the crowd. As a result, furries are less likely to see someone who shares the same costume and appearance with others when compared to a regular cosplayer. Even though there is a small chance to see a furry wear the same costume as others, their respective fursona can make a huge difference.

The furry fandom and cosplay are two different terms but it is good to hear that the community as a whole is generally accepting. They work hand in hand together in making conventions a fun and exciting place for newcomers and veteran attendees and guest alike. Look for their unique cosplays and fursuits by attending a con near your area.